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Dana Marie Arnold has a natural ability to speak life over women who are struggling with deep seated insecurities. As a survivor of date rape, suicide, and undergoing major surgery that left her with a permanent ileostomy bag on her belly at the age of 24, it would be easy for her to live as a victim to her circumstances. BUT, Dana has found complete and total freedom in Jesus Christ. He has set her free from the bondage of sin and victimhood and set her on fire for Him, her victory is found in His name.

Dana designed a women’s event called Living Loved, where she guides women from a victim mindset into total victory in Christ.

She loves to explain how the Word of God was activated in her life. What once was a a book of principals is now a living, breathing invitation to not just apply, but become the message. She fully believes that life, in Christ, is a complete adventure when we become believers who believe.

The reviews are in, and she is most noted for her enthusiasm, authenticity, content, honesty, joy, vulnerability, affirmation, and relatability.

She is available to speak and worship at churches, bible studies, schools, and colleges.


“Dana, your testimony was so profound and your love for the Lord is evident and contagious.” -Michelle, Gurnee Community Church (Gurnee, IL)

"Dana is so inspirational and her message helped me realize I need more Jesus in my life!!" -Gurnee Community Church (Gurnee, IL)

"I LOVED Dana's humble encouragement. Her authenticity was so evident, and she spoke TRUTH about our identity, freedom, lies we believe, etc. We need to hear and put on thankful for her word to us today." -Gurnee Community Church (Gurnee, IL)


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