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For so many years, I walked around with deep pain, guilt, shame, insecurities and a desperate need to be seen, known, accepted and loved by others. I defined myself by what had happened to me - date rapes, suicide attempts, bullying, major medical battles and a surgery that completely challenged my vanity  - I was hiding behind a smile and felt like I was constantly a victim of my own life.

And then I encountered Jesus. Instead of disappointed and ashamed, He knows my deepest shame and darkness and still loves me - completely. His love transformed me from the inside out and continues to each day.

I used to constantly question my purpose, and now I see that my greatest purpose is to love and be loved by God, find my identity in the Father, and walk with His Holy Spirit, so that I can reflect His image, bring Him glory, and love others into knowing Him.

Oh! And for the sake of fun, here are some random facts about me! I grew up on the north side of Chicago - YES all the Chicago pizza, please! My big fat Greek family means the world to me. I love vanilla frosting and incorporating movie quotes into everyday conversations. And other than Chicago, I’ve lived in Rome, San Diego, Southbend, and Nashville!

The Arnolds

We’re the arnolds

That’s my handsome hubby, Tanner, and Nash, our sweet doggie! Tanner doesn’t have any social media, he loves to fish, and he’s got a slightly strong southern accent. Sometimes he says funny things like, “not in a month of Sundays!”

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